Our company name may not seem obvious. But yet it is.

When we set-up Life5 both of us we were working individually as a therapist, counselor, nutritionist, fitness trainer, with one of us having an extensive background in business. Our conclusion about why people come and see us is that they want ‘quality of life’. How does that relate to Life5?

Through over 30 years of experience in working with people and both medical and psychological science, we conclude that quality of life occurs most often if certain elements of human life are balanced.

We seem to get the most out of life when we:

  1. Have a purpose in life
  2. Have a functional body during our life
  3. Feel challenged but not overwhelmed in this life
  4. Understand who we truly are, and how we relate to others and our surroundings in life
  5. Feel emotionally strong and in control of life

We believe there is an exponential relationship between these elements.
Spiritual x Physical x Intellectual x Relational x Emotional = Life5

The office is the new jungle
If you were to live in the jungle, fighting for your survival, what skills would you like to have? Here is an educated guess:

  1. Physical stamina and nutrition to help you run, fight and recover
  2. An intelligent way to be one step ahead of your opponent
  3. Good connections with others in the group, knowing your own abilities
  4. A grip on your emotions, a way to read those of others
  5. A bigger goal beyond daily survival: safety and feeling alive

Today’s jungle is the office. Your career depends on your abilities and connecting with the group. If you cannot handle your emotions or read those of others you have a competitive disadvantage. And you are not only in your career for the money. You want to do something useful with your life. And for all of this you need a healthy body.

And this is where life balance comes into play.

Biochemically, health, wellbeing and happiness are closely intertwined. If we are unhappy we feel stressed, if we feel stressed our thoughts will trigger a flow of stress hormones that undermine our immune system. In the long run a weak immune system will make us chronically ill. Since chronic illness cannot be undone but only be treated, investing in prevention is the best individuals and organisations can do to live a fulfilled life with the lowest risk of physical and mental health problems.

Both individuals and organizations have something to gain from such strategy.

Life5 has 30 years of experience in psychology, nutrition, fitness and business.
From it, we created coaching solutions to ensure long-term employee health and engagement.