We always ask our clients if they would like to give some feedback after they finish one of our programmes (Away Day, Lunch & Learn, Seminar).

Here are some of the things people said from both the corporate and the institutional clients:

Trainers were very energetic and trustworthy. They were very open, honest, were giving many examples from their and others lives. Most of all, they were professionals who know what they are talking about, they were supporting their workshop with theories and facts. Very friendly, positive attitude, engaging audience. It was a pleasure to attend a training with them.
I enjoyed the quick tips on how to get rid of the stress. Especially the visualization and the body parts relaxation. I started practicing it from time to time, just to get a break from work… The role play was interesting, too. I had a couple of takeaways from that.or!
It was a great workshop in terms of content and delivery, very pleasant, interactive and useful. I felt I got some very useful tips.


I really liked the explanation of the REASONS why certain things work the way they do. I have heard already that we need to eat healthy and do exercises for our health, but the explanation WHY drove the message home in a very effective manner.
Good balance being with 2, switching timbre, plus for the exercises. Because in work as well as in private life it is necessary to step back sometimes and look at the whole picture of our daily activities in order to identify what is working and what isn’t and to reach a balance between our different demands.
Going through an organizational change as we speak, it was good to see how easy it is to forget that we cannot change the organisation successfully without providing sufficient emotional transition support to our people. To have a draft ‘transitioning’ structure and scenario outlined during this session was very helpful to many of us I would say.