Marcie and Paul set up Life5 in 2003. It was created out of our combined experience of meeting people in private practice with burnout, extreme stress and physical ‘unwellness’ symptoms (diabetes, syndrome X). Often the symptoms were coming from both ‘life’ and ‘work’ in any given combination.

From this experience we coined a model (our philosophy) that has proven to work well to get people back on their feet quickly, and achieve a more sustainable life-work balance.

To reach more people, we wanted to bring this to the corporate world in a similar way and started working on away days, team building and lunch & learn sessions.

Marcie Sires – Psychotherapist

250xMarcieSires-photoshot-6October2014Having often been called “the coach’s coach”, Marcie is an enthusiastic, creative and experienced public speaker and trainer. Her down-to-earth style and her narrative approach help make the analysis of even the most complex issues very understandable and enjoyable.
Over 30 years of experience in working with hundreds of people, groups and organizations on four continents contributes a wisdom, insight and special richness to her seminars and workshops.


Paul Schuchhard – Counselor

250xPaulSchuchhardPicturePaul is a qualified counselor and coach who started his career in business 20 years ago. His personal journey took him from business consultancy into physical fitness and wellness as a sports nutritionist and functional fitness trainer. Realizing that he needed to go further than the physical realm he now holds an advanced degree in counseling and coaching. Over the years Paul has worked with numerous organisations and individuals to support, educate and motivate them to redefine their purpose and goals.

Lennard Louisy – Kinesiologist


Kinesiology is an approach that identifies and manages stress. As a certified kinesiologist, former IKC instructor (International Kinesiology College) and pedagogue of choreographic movement, Lennard uses his knowledge and experience to respond to the physical and emotional needs of people at work.

Together with his background of over 20 years of performing arts experience primarily in classical ballet, he combines body awareness, verbal/non-verbal communication with eastern and western healing traditions to combat stress and burnout. He accompanies individuals in developing personal resources that empower them with greater self-confidence, autonomy and motivation.