Marcie Sires (Brussels +32 497 939 909)


Having over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor on 4 continents has allowed me to work with hundreds of people, groups and organisations. In organisations I help implement organisational transitions, raise awareness on harassment and co-develop cultural adaptation strategies. In addition, I treat troubled employees suffering from burnout and help them to acquire coping skills, and assist them and the organisation in the re-integration process.

Having often been called “the coach’s coach”, Marcie is an enthusiastic, creative and experienced public speaker and trainer. Her down-to-earth style and her narrative approach help make the analysis of even the most complex issues very understandable and enjoyable. Her expertise contributes wisdom, insight and a special richness to her seminars and workshops.

Paul Schuchhard (Brussels +32 478 389 257)


Over the years I have worked with numerous organisations and individuals to support, educate and motivate them to redefine their purpose and goals. As a qualified counselor and coach I work with different psychological tools (CBT, NLP, Systems, TA). As a certified sports nutritionist and functional fitness trainer I help people deal with the physical symptoms brought on by stress and an inactive lifestyle.

The integration of mind and body is vital to holistically manage life stressors and create lasting results and maintain health.

Through extensive personal experience and knowledge of the business environment and new technologies I can gear my coaching and training towards people in business helping them to develop coping mechanisms to prevent burnout and to recognise and address the underlying causes.


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A Story of Blood, Sweat and Sugar

Preventing Diabetes (type 2)
Often bad food habits and stress go hand in hand. When we are stressed we take less time to create our own food and are more likely to go for convenience. Tons of evidence shows that this opens the door to chronic diseases like Diabetes type 2. Here are some tips […]

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The Importance of “Vitamin Zzzzzz”

Have you ever thought about how important a good night’s sleep is for our health and well-being? Most people take sleep for granted but getting enough sleep is vital for our quality of life on many levels…physical, mental, emotional and relational

When we are asleep our bodies are actually very busy doing necessary repair work, […]

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Burnout Believers?!

Suddenly Burnout is ‘hot’. In June, the European Commission (OSHA) published a report calculating the cost of work-related stress and concluded “Stress is the second most frequently reported work-related health problem in Europe.” Work-related health problems refer to (for example) mental health problems, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders or diabetes, just to name a few […]

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