Course Duration:
½ day for the group
5 sessions for individual

Burnout recovery

Once an employee has suffered a full burnout it will take time before he or she is able to fully resume work (See burnout prevention for a description).

Recovery and re-integration are special processes that require patience and understanding. In this seminar we go into the recovery process in-depth so that employees will be able to recognize certain stages of the recovery process.

What is covered?

The burnout recovery workshop lasts half a day and combines both theory and practical application through group exercises.

You will learn:

  • Reintegrating into the work system
  • Personal SWOT
  • Dealing with prejudice, guilt and shame
  • Learn how to work with insecurities and anxieties
  • Help colleagues to understand that burnout is not a choice but a real disease
  • Increase personal confidence (doubt) and individual competences
  • The role of exercise in burnout recovery
  • The role of nutrition in burnout recovery

Who should attend?

This course is intended for employees, managers and HR staff and can be adapted to the organizations and individual needs (such as integration as part of an away-day or team building event)