Course duration

Half a day

Why is this important to your organization?

A healthy workforce is good for business and vice versa. Yet a disproportionate amount of your workforces suffers from lifestyle related disease. Usually these results in (often chronic) symptoms around middle age after long exposure to an unhealthy lifestyle with a lack of regular physical activity, diets rich in fat in sugar, and too much stress and poor mental health as a result. This creates a loss of productivity and promotes absenteeism.

Instead of focusing on what people “should be doing” we have developed an interactive course that goes into human motivation, finding out what makes us tick, and, what are some long term strategies to deal with ageing and health. Through individual exercises related to knowledge about human health we explore strategies for maximum physical and mental performance.

What is covered?

  • Fit from your 20s to your 90s, what’s the current state of knowledge?
  • Living for survival versus living for optimum performance and health
  • The missing body manual, what types of maintenance are required to maximize your health now and in the future
  • Understanding the human biological system and the process of ageing
  • Developing a mind-body approach to healthy ageing
  • Developing personal fitness, wellness and nutritional strategies
  • Developing a change of lifestyle / paradigm shifts

This course if often combined with one of our two courses on integrative nutrition.