Course Duration

  • half a day (group workshop) part 1
  • half a day (group workshop) part 2

Nutrition is literally for everybody. We all need to eat to stay alive and, most importantly, alive and fully functional. Yet putting together a long term nutrition strategy seems for many to be ‘too much work’ on top of a full time job. The consequences of daily malnutrition often only start showing in middle age. By then, often more drastic steps need to be taken to become healthy again.

Integrative Nutrition focuses on preventing disease through nutrition and emphasizes optimizing your energy levels and your recovery speed.

Note: We strongly recommend following part 1 before following part 2 as certain concepts and theory are explained in part 1 and are being used to work with in part 2 of the session.

What is covered?

The Integrative nutrition workshop lasts two half-day segments and combines both theory and practical application through group and individual exercises.

What you will learn

  • How food can stress or de-stress our bodies
  • Achieving hormonal balance and systemic interaction through nutrition
  • The quest for an individual nutrition strategy for your needs
  • Creating your individual plan during the group session (worshop)
  • Looking into metabolism for optimum performance
  • Genetics, nutrition and disease

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