Course Duration

  • half a day (group workshop)

Change in the organization is complex. The focus often is on WHAT needs to be changed (think about strategy, actions and projects).

But often change is not successful because organisations ignore managing the human side of a transition.

Transition is the psychological process that people must go through within the organization before organizational change can be successful. Before coming to terms with the transition, change will be less effective.

What is covered?

The transition management workshop lasts a half-day segment and combines both theory and practical application through group and individual exercises.

What you will learn

  • Creating a map of the transition process from an individual and organizational perspective
  • The classic steps of human transition explained and how to overcome our inherent resistance to change
  • Creating a climate of safety in the organization to foster organization change and support transitioning
  • Communication structures to help effective transitioning
  • Support structures to deal with emotions in the organization

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