Course Duration: one full day or two half days

Stress is not necessarily bad. Short periods of stress are good for us. Long term or chronic stress however can cause us to become ‘used to’ living stressfull lives. This eventually may lead to burnout (see: burnout prevention).

Stress resilience is about how well we, human beings, adapt to the stressors around us. We already have the native ability to be resilient to stress, but in the modern working arena we need to foster these skills and improve our understanding and practice to maintain optimum stress and recovery levels.

In stress resilience training we focus on the individual coping skills of each employee and create awareness of how we can harness stressors and minimize their impact on the biological stress system through a variety of techniques, exercises and role-play.

What is covered?

The stress resilience workshop lasts half a day and combines both theory and practical application through group exercises.

You will learn:

  • • A ‘plain English’ guide to the brain mechanisms of stress
  • • Stress coping skills in daily situations
  • • Cognitive Behavioral skills to minimize anxiety
  • • Group and individual exercises such as mindfulness, guided visualization
  • • The role of exercise in stress resilience
  • • The role of nutrition in stress resilience

Who should attend?

This course is intended for employees, managers and HR staff and can be adapted to the organizations and individual needs (such as integration as part of an away-day or team building event).