Course Duration: half a day

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is all about energy management. Effective energy management will take away the feeling of being ‘always on the run’ and to ‘never have enough time’ to get things done.

This is not a time management course but a life management workshop where we explore life and work in a strategic, but human, way. What’s important for all of us to realize in that life is not a game that you win at the end. It is the journey that counts and that journey is different for all of us. If we feel fulfilled and have purpose and apply the right framework for balance then more time can be spend enjoying life, both at work and outside work.

What is covered?

The stress resilience workshop lasts half a day and combines both theory and practical application through group exercises.

You will learn:

  • • Understand the benefits of a work-life balance strategy
  • • Use (supplied) tools to measure imbalance of wellness and un-wellness
  • • Life and work responsibilities, the roles we have
  • • Leave home stress at home and work stress at work
  • • Create effective boundaries between work and home
  • • Insights into what drains us and what fuels us
  • • Learn recovery activities and strategies that recover our human organism

Who should attend?

This course is intended for employees, managers and HR staff and can be adapted to the organizations and individual needs (such as integration as part of an away-day or team building event).